Tuesday, March 06, 2007


See DuoAtL at Emory

  • 7:15pm: Georgia Center for the Book presents James M. McPherson at the Decatur Library. The nation's preeminent Civil War historian, Pulitzer Prize-winner James McPherson, visits to discuss his new book, The Mighty Scourge: Perspectives on the Civil War. It is a work of great but accessible scholarship that examines the war and the people who endured it. McPherson is the author of Battle Cry of Freedom, Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolutionand many other prize-winning volumes, 404.370.8450
  • 8pm: DuoATL: Brian Luckett and Nicole Randall perform at Emory's Schwartz Center. Emory guitar teacher Brian Luckett and flutist Nicole Randall explore the wealth of music from the 20th and 21st centuries written for this pairing while creating new additions to the repertoire through commissions and original works, 404.727.5050

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