Friday, April 20, 2007


See it at Onstage Atlanta

  • 8 pm: Onstage Atlanta presents Bash (latterday plays) by Neil La Bute, writer of The Shape of Things and In the Company of Men. This is a lurid trilogy of modern day horror stories from the darkest side of human nature. Seemingly earnest all-American good-hearted people making confessions in the dark lead to startling and unnerving revelations about the potential for lust, amibtion and hatred in all of us, 404.897.1802
  • 8 pm: Eddie's Attic hosts Clay Cook's Birthday Bash, 404.377.4976
  • 8 pm: PushPush presents DeLuxe Vaudeville Orchestra 2nd Annual Farewell Concert. Described as having "one foot in the 30's and one foot on Mars," the DeLuxe Vaudeville Orchestra is the ultimate in self-contained variety show band, 404.377.6332
  • 8 pm: Emory Symphony Orchestra and University Chorus perform at the Schwartz Center. The two groups along with soloist will team up to perform a program that includes Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, 404.727.5050
  • 8 pm: Theatre Decatur presents The Dixie Shticks for one night only! The hottest musical parody troupe in the South sings familiar tunes like you've never heard them before. From Bush to Hillary, from Suicide Bombers to Botox, nothing is safe from their twisted wit! 404.373.5311

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