Monday, April 16, 2007


Cafe Scientifique at Indie Coffee

  • 6 pm: Documentaries and Films from Africa at Emory showing Zimbabwe de la liberation au chaos. Director Michael Raeburn started out decades ago as a supporter of Robert Mugabe. Bow with disillusionment he is forced to realize that the "liberator" Mugabe has become a dictator. In a very personal film that at the same time maps out the history of modern Zimbabwe, Raeburn links together archival materials with footage of the current situation, 404.727.6123
  • 7-9 pm: Indie Coffee presents Cafe Scientifique Series: How Climate Has Changed History with Dennis Blanton, Fernbank Museum of National History. Climate Matters: Global Change, Global Effects is a joint program of Fernbank Museum, Emory University and GA Tech, 404.378.7110

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